February 18, 2015

Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen


My new cookbook is out and I’m so happy it’s been launched globally with versions in the US, Canada, Germany and more!! I launched it with an intimate evening at my favourite venue in London, The Alno Store, and hosted a supperclub at Marcus Wareing’s Tredwell’s in Covent Garden.

It was an exciting few months, writing recipes and I think you are going to love what I came up with! The book is filled with over 100 recipes (120 to be exact) and as you know, I love to cook with spice, so each and every recipe is spice filled and full of flavour.

I wanted to draw on the food I love and have loved growing up which is why there are some family favourites in there that are traditionally Indian, such as tadka dhal and slow-roast spiced lamb, and then there are some modern creations such as crispy sumac okra and drunken chicken. I’ve got some salad ideas for those days you need something light and uplifting, like my paneer & roasted beet salad, as well as those all-important showstopper dinner party mains – you haven’t lived until you’ve tried my slow-cooked tamarind glazed pork (see pic below). A good cookbook wouldn’t be complete without a whole bunch of dessert recipes (they’re the best part of the meal!) so I’ve shared my coconut & ginger cheesecake and pomegranate & ricotta frozen yogurt and a whole bunch more.

Scattered throughout are my secret stamps giving you tips and tricks on how to make the most of your ingredients. I’ve also shared my secret kitchen essentials with you like what I keep in my everyday spice box, and the kitchen gadgets I can’t live without. This book is for those who love to cook, and for those who love to eat. I want to keep some surprises so if you really want to know the best kept secrets in an Indian kitchen, you’ll just have to buy it.

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My new book is available in most major book stores and supermarkets worldwide, and can be found on all International Amazon websites. The US translation is available too, simply click on the link above. Don’t forget to leave a review….Happy cooking!

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