February 17, 2016

Flavour Diaries

My latest project takes me to Mumbai, the city my mother grew up in, and I’ve created my dream space named Flavour Diaries. Mumbai’s first for interactive food experiences, Flavour Diaries is a beautifully designed foodie events venue perfect for special get togethers, private dinners and hands on cookery classes. I’ve created a warm spacious open kitchen to explore, learn and indulge in cuisines from around the world.

My family took Indian food to the world, and now I want to do the reverse and share International flavours with India. Whether its chef collaborations, or sharing my kitchen with other food lovers, I’m so happy I’ve finally got a place to call my own. I teach all the cookery classes personally, borrowing learnings from my chef training at Leiths and my Jamie Oliver days in London, all my classes are packed with fun designed to transform raw ingredients into amazing dishes.

Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Japanese – you name it, it’s on the class schedule, and with 3 classes every day, you can imagine it’s never a quiet day in the Flavour Diaries kitchen. I also wanted to build a space to bring foodies together and my sunlit dining area is the ideal place for birthdays, special celebrations, chefs table dinners and even pop ups. I curate the menus myself and I love experimenting with local Indian ingredients to celebrate the fantastic produce we have in abundance.

Let the foodie fun begin at Flavour Diaries…

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