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Sharika|April 7, 2012

Tried your lamb curry the other day… and got 20/10 for it:) … Thank you so much.
I want to try the stuffed trout now but was wondering whether I can replace the Patak’s curry paste for something home made?


Yay you liked it. Lovely to hear. You can replace the curry paste for some smoked paprika mixed with extra garlic and ginger. It will have a different flavour but will taste delicious. Let me know how it goes...

Bal|February 7, 2012

Dear Anjali, Where can I find a spice box, I am looking for something to use in a fashion photo shoot? I am particularly interested in bringing out the rich colours of Indian cooking & spices.


Hi Bal, you can find spice boxes/tins at all good ethnic stores and even online. They vary in size so you should be able to find one perfect for what you need.

susan|January 23, 2012

I should be grateful if you would let me know from where I can purchase a ‘spice box’ as shown on your website.


Hi Susan, spice boxes can be bought is almost all good ethnic/asian shops or you can buy them online. Ideally buy one with an opaque lid to keep your spices fresher for longer.

Ella|January 22, 2012

Absolutely loving this website. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes. Bought my husband a slow cooker for Christmas. Do curries cook well in slow cookers? Keep up the good work. When can we see your culinary skills on TV again?


They work amazing in a slow cooker as the spices have longer to infuse the meat and veg. Keep a look out for me for more TV appearances, and i will always add it to my Videos section in case you miss it.

Gurpareet|January 21, 2012

I LOVE your website. Really cool and contemporary recipes that can be used daily!

Gurpareet xox


Thanks! So glad you like it. Keep checking back for culinary inspiration.

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