January 12, 2016

Ideal Home Magazine – Flavour Diaries

Ideal Home Magazine – Flavour Diaries

Creative Cuisine – Flavour Diaries in Mumbai hosts up to 16 students for those wanting to get stuck in, a beautifully designed open kitchen, with an open dining area for up to 30 people for special events—and for those who enjoy the buzz and warmth of a live kitchen.

New and fresh-faced, Flavour Diaries aims to be the events venue in Mumbai for interactive foodie experiences. “I feel this is the ideal venue for special celebrations and get-togethers, for those who love their food and want to experience new flavours,” says Anjali Pathak, founder, chef and food writer.

On a recent visit, she deftly whipped up delicious treats for the season, which usually determintes what’s cooking in our homes. She tells, “For me, Winter meals have to be heart warming. I love soups and the colder months are when I long for a hug in a bowl. This is one of my go-to soups after I’ve had a long day and need some light cooking. I love using spices to create wintery meals as I feel they warm me up from the inside out. My Charred Baby Aubergines are full of delicate spices borrowing flavours from the Southern shores of India, and they work well as canapés for any post Christmas entertaining. As well as all my savoury favourites, I absolutely love anything sweet, which is why I’ve shared a trusty baking recipe for my baby lemon cakes. Light, simple and with a hint of citrus. Truly yummy.”

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