January 10, 2016

Foodie fun in Mumbai…

Foodie fun in Mumbai…

Firstly I must apologise for not writing regular posts. Since Flavour Diaries opened in November it’s been non stop! And I’m not complaining..quite the opposite –  I’m loving it! It’s Mumbai’s first spacious interactive foodie events space. A place for special occasions, chef’s table dining experiences and cookery classes.

Since I opened a few months ago I’ve had to learn and adapt to the Mumbai market. Being a traveller to Mumbai for many years I never had to understand the city, and it’s only when you immerse yourself in the nitty gritty do you truly see all that Mumbai has to offer. There are so many challenges I wouldn’t know where to start to share, but on the flip side, there are many opportunities only a city like Mumbai can claim. Flavour Diaries has been quite a journey and you have to think on your feet if you’re to survive in business here.

If I’m not running cookery classes in International cuisine, I’m developing recipes for new ones. And if I have any free time, I find myself planning menus for clients who want to book a private celebration in our beautiful sunlit dining area. The interactive foodie aspect is unique to Flavour Diaries and what everyone seems to truly enjoy. I’ve hosted a few chefs table experiences which seem to have been well loved and there’s much more exciting work in the coming months.

I hand select all my ingredients and so a trip to the very lovely (and high priced!) Pali Market is almost every other day, which allows me to feed my creativity. There’s always something new and I love exploring the fresh seasonal ingredients my local vendor has on his banana leaf lined shelves. I discovered red amaranth the other day and my salads will never be the same again! The lovely pinky purply leaves are on the right side of bitter, and they are packed with minerals making them a great veggie for stir frying with simple spices and eating alongside my fresh hot rotis.

And naan breads! I can’t seem to get enough of fresh hot naan bread and I can’t say no when I’m offered one fresh from the tandoor. I love taking that first bite of a garlic naan slathered with butter, watching the garlic roll off.

With so much to enjoy here, I’m looking forward to the coming months and seeing how Flavour Diaries grows. Come visit soon…

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