February 28, 2015

Secrets from My Indian Family Kitchen is out…

Secrets from My Indian Family Kitchen is out…

I’m so happy my new cookbook has launched. It’s finally out!! I decided to mark the launch with an intimate evening at my favourite venue in London, The Alno Store, and host a supperclub at Marcus Wareing’s Tredwell’s in Covent Garden.

The Alno Store offered the perfect space for my special evening with family and friends.  The beautiful showroom bustled with familiar faces, laughing, sipping Soul Tree wine and nibbling canapes from my new book – Secrets from my Indian Family Kitchen. A heart warming evening giving me the chance to thank all that have helped bring my recipes to life on a page.

Screen shot 2015-02-28 at 14.52.53

A few days later I hosted a supperclub at Tredwell’s. Tasting plates of my favourite dishes such as papri chaat, slow-cooked tamarind glazed pork, balti baked squash and apple tarte tatin with spiced caramel. The 8pm seating was a sell out and the evening was a huge success. Head chef Andy Ward is hugely talented and it was a pleasure working with him in the kitchen.

Tredwell's supperclub press shot

My new book is available in most major book stores and supermarkets, and can be found on all International Amazon websites. Don’t forget to leave a review….Happy cooking!

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