December 17, 2014

Beast Restaurant London

Beast Restaurant London

Every year I hope to visit at least one of the must-eat restaurants that’s on my never ending list. My list is pretty huge but there are some that feature on my A List. When I heard about Beast I knew it would be worthy of this special list.

I had read that it was a feast, a true feast like the ones eaten during medieval times . This was of course not quite the same, after all it features special red king crab from cool Norwegian waters and hand selected Nebraskan beef. The menu is simple – The Beast Experience or choose from the cut and catch chalk board. I imagine most would choose The Beast Experience, and for £75/head without service or drinks, I hoped it would be an experience I would never forget!


After proudly putting on my bib the first of my 3 courses arrived – antipasti. 24 month aged parmesan cheese, puglian olives, artichokes and picked onions all served with a delicious 10 year old balsamic vinegar and rich olive oil. It’s hard not to fill yourself up when you have starved yourself all day!

Norweigen Red King Crab1 Nebrasakan Steak1

The main event arrived and it was a feast like no other. The steak came first, cooked to perfection and seasoned just the same. There were 2 cuts, rib eye and sirloin, thickly sliced with the juices running into the dish. Quickly followed by the king crab which was mammoth. 6 huge crab legs, which can be bought separately at £25/leg, with 2 meaty claws. The sides were plentiful – cauliflower cheese, garlic steamed kale, home smoked tomatoes that were utterly divine and a lightly dressed crisp green salad. And let’s not forget about the sauces – garlic butter and sweet chilli for the crab, and white truffle sauce for the steak.

Instagram Feast1

The crab was incredible, and maybe the best I’ve ever eaten. The meat in the legs was sweet, juicy and I couldn’t believe how much flesh there was in each one. The steak was fantastic and although it’s a bold statement, I think it’ll be one of the best steaks I may ever eat. The sides were tasty but they aren’t the focus and I made sure I didn’t fill myself up too much with these extras. The meal was truly fabulous. It should be named Feast instead of Beast as that is exactly what is was. A feast of excellent food with very generous portions.


The final course, and usually always my favourite, is there to give you a sweet treat before you roll home. A choice of 3 desserts – a cheesecake that was light and deconstructed, a chocolate and hazelnut mousse and a citron tarte. All very yummy and not too heavy.

The wine list was good with some inexpensive options ranging from £30 all the way through to the very expensive at £2500+.

This is one restaurant I believe will be here to stay. Nestled behind Bond Street station on a quiet back street, their reputation has spread all over the foodie scene as being simple and elegant with some of the best steak in London. It doesn’t come cheap but if you love your food and are willing to treat yourself or others, then this is the place to come. Its shared dining style (think Wagamama’s but way nicer) keeps it informal and the dull roar of neighbours conversations fill the room. I absolutely loved my meal at Beast and look forward to returning once I’ve managed to wake up from my food coma.


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