August 27, 2014



Another eventful foodie trip to Mumbai and I have returned to London with even more recipe ideas. As with all my trips, I usually research the newest hot restaurants and try to visit as many of them as I can. Spiceklub in Lower Parel in Mumbai came up more than once and I decided I had to go.

After a painful wait – I’m not a fan of the new no reservations policy sweeping the world’s top restaurants – I was seated. After reading about the ‘must have’ dishes I gave into the savvy advice of previous diners and ordered the appetizers, leaving little room for mains. The menu was small and describes itself as molecular gastronomic vegetarian Indian food. As much as I enjoyed my meal, it was more style over substance. From pav bhaji fondue (which was a little heavy on the cheese to eat more than a few bites), to the test tube pani puri, I wasn’t disappointed but had hoped for more. The chef loves to use dry ice to add to the drama, and I must admit it really worked for me, but I wanted more deconstructed dishes and I would have liked to have seen some exciting main courses on the menu.

The cocktail list was innovative but it was a no alcohol kinda joint – boohoo. Worth a try if you are in that part of town, but be prepared to wait…

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