April 19, 2014

Rajasthan Cycle Challenge

Rajasthan Cycle Challenge

I’ve decided to do something crazy and have signed up for a cycle challenge for the wonderful Action Against Hunger charity. In October I’m going to be packing my water bottle and cycle helmet and heading to Rajasthan in India for a mammoth 400km cycle.

I do like to challenge myself every now and again, but the reason I’m doing something that sounds rather insane, is to raise vital funds for a charity I truly believe in. Their work stretches across the globe and their goal is to end child hunger.

Hearing how many children are affected brought a tear to my eye. In India alone there is a staggering 54% of children that are malnourished. 1 in 5 of them will die without help from charities like Action Against Hunger.

A few years ago I decided to sell my car and I did the ‘green’ thing and bought myself a cycle, so I could get around London. I soon realised I was a fair weather cyclist after returning home with what felt like the early stage of frostbite! Since signing up I have had the harsh realisation that doing an hour of cycling every day, every now and again, is nothing like the 9 hours I am going to have to do in Rajasthan. Throw in the heat and dust, and then pot holed roads and crazy drivers, and I have myself quite a challenge. Never the less I am determined to succeed and will have to complete the 250 mile ride in 5 days.

My target is to raise £5000. I have a long way to go and it would be a huge help, not only for me, but to Action Against Hunger, for anything you can donate. Just £10 can provide a child with enough minerals and vitamins for 1 week. Even something as small as £1 can help a farmer produce enough rice to feed his family for 4 days. Nothing is too small to give, so please visit my fundraising page and click on the Give Now button and donate whatever you can.

I can’t thank you enough for supporting me. We all deserve to live in a world free from hunger and suffering, and with your help, hopefully we will see that day soon.

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