December 23, 2013

Utopia Kitchen Bathroom : What’s Cooking?

Utopia Kitchen Bathroom : What’s Cooking?

Anjali Pathak is from the well-recognised family that has brought Patak’s Indian cuisine to households around the world. Anjali is a popular blogger and regularly appears on television plus is co-author with her mother Meena Pathak of an award-winning cookbook. She is constantly trying to absorb all there is to know about Indian food and regularly travels to the continent, for inspiration.

My top tip is: “Christmas is a time for entertaining and sharing delicious food with your loved ones. Always write a timing plan so you can stay on top of the cooking and remain stress free.”

I’m a fan of: “Corian worktops, they are a must-have in my home as they are scratch free and very easy to clean. Even the most stubborn stains can be wiped off with little effort. Corian can be moulded to fit any kitchen design and looks sleek and seamless which makes cleaning inside the corners a dream.”

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