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Sticky Peaches with Vanilla Lime Cream

This has to be one of the easiest desserts to make and it tastes fantastic. Use any fruit that are in season and try out different spices in your cream, and you can use a thick low fat yoghurt if you prefer.

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Caramelised Lamb masala with Spiced Flatbreads

I love this recipe! Most of the flavour comes from caramelising the meat so cook it low and slow until you get a deep golden brown colour.

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Headlining at the Bolton Food & Drink Festival on 25th August

It’s all go go go. I’ve just returned from the Durban Good Food & Wine Show and I’m already looking ahead to the next one. Next week I’m returning to my home town to share some more recipes at the … Continue reading

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Sunday Times – South Africa

Durban Delights – Faces and flavours at the Good Food & Wine Show – James Martin, Anjali Pathak, Vivek Singh and Ms. Cupcake.

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BBQ Lamb

Anything cooked on a BBQ tastes amazing. This simple marinade makes any meat taste great, but I love it with lamb or chicken wings.

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Season the Seasonals

For years now chefs have talked about eating seasonal produce and how eating seasonally means we have to add less as the flavour is so darn good. I began to wonder…do we really need to season our seasonals?

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I really love your website.

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The Asian Spice Girl

A chef, notable food critic and writer, cookery teacher and consultant, Anjali Pathak, the bubbly ‘spice girl’ from Bolton is a true wonder girl. 

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