March 25, 2013

Ladurée – a day in heaven

Ladurée – a day in heaven

Ladurée is one of the world’s best known luxury cake shops who have carved their name into the patisserie world because of their mouth watering macaroons. Established in Paris in 1862, it has reached worldwide acclaim and can be found across the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Sydney, Japan,  and most recently opened its doors in Hong Kong at the end of last year.

I was lucky enough to spend a day in their kitchens in London (sadly not in the Paris store on the idyllic Champs-Élysées) and learn more about why the cakes taste so incredible and what it’s like to be a pastry chef for the day.

All the pastries and cakes are made fresh and sent out to the stores on the very same day and so you can imagine that the day started very very early. The fridge cold temperatures in the kitchen were something I would need to get used to if I ever wanted to turn my hand to becoming a pastry chef, and I’ve never been very good in the cold, or piping for that matter!

Much to my delight I was able to learn how to make my absolute favourite dessert that only Ladurée create – the mille feuille praliné. Where do I start on describing how amazing this sweet treat is?! Caramelized puff pastry layered between praline cream and almond praline, sprinkled with just the right amount of crispy hazelnuts. Simply heavenly. All the cakes, pastries, not to mention over 15 different varieties of macaroons, are all made lovingly by hand with such precision and care, even the most skilled artist would be impressed. No wonder everything tastes gorgeous and delicious. Highly skilled chefs and only the very best ingredients are used, sourced locally where possible, to create their masterpieces which are all packaged up in the neatest, nicest little boxes.

After a wonderful day getting a taste for the famous Ladurée love I now know that there is only one patisserie I’ll be recommending for all things sweet. A little slice of Parisienne heaven is all you need to brighten up your day and fill your tummy with something yummy.

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