January 17, 2013

Duck & Waffle

Duck & Waffle

Since Duck and Waffle opened last Summer it has been the talk of many foodies and bloggers, not just because the name is intriguingly strange, but because it is open 24/7. Yes that’s right! Open 24 hours a day…How can that be?!

I quickly added it to my ever growing ‘must eat before I die’ list and finally I dined there this week. Much to my delight it was the day that it snowed heavily in London and so the views on the 40th floor of Heron Tower were rather impressive. It was a shame that I didn’t get to see the beautiful sights of the city, but watching the huge snowflakes past the floor to ceiling windows was enough for me.

Before I get started let me add that the name ‘Duck and Waffle’ doesn’t mean that all they serve is duck and waffles, after all how could this place stay open for 24 hours on just those two dishes alone. It’s the name of their signature dish but will go into detail later – pure genius!

It was a business lunch and so I didn’t indulge in any wine…real shame though as I always like to give a fair assessment of a restaurant on its wine list and food items. And normally I would have a glass or two, however I was keen on paying attention at this particular meeting. The waiter informed us that it was a sharing kinda place and so we placed our order, and eagerly awaited the arrival of our dishes. The swift service meant that it wasn’t long before our first dish arrived.

‘Yellowfin tuna with watermelon, balsamic and basil’. Served on a Himalayan salt block – all the rage at the moment! These salt blocks are rather fantastic. You can pop them in the freezer and they stay freezing cold for hours, or gently heat them up and they stay warm and will even cook your food. They impart a slight hint of saltiness and they absorb moisture so great for serving. A wonderful dish to start with….but I wasn’t blown away.

‘Bacon wrapped dates with linguica sausage and dandelion salad’. The waiter recommended this dish to us and he was spot on! The dates were stuffed with the sausage meat and then wrapped in bacon and fried. Served with a subtle mustard mayo. This was one of my memorable dishes. Truly delicious.

‘Jerusalem artichoke ravioli with wilted turnip tops, hazelnuts and aged pecorino’. As much as this was tasty it was my least favourite dish. It was one of the more expensive small plates and I didn’t feel it delivered enough on flavour. The ravioli filling wasn’t seasoned enough and I would have preferred a little more butter sauce, but the hazelnuts were a nice addition.

‘Duck and Waffle’. A crispy lef confit, fried duck egg served with mustard maple syrup. Although this sounds weird it was absolutely delicious. I am huge fan of confit duck and so I was bound to enjoy this dish, but to serve it on an american style waffle and with a perfectly cooked sunny side up duck egg, and the mustard maple syrup just brought it all together. The richness of the egg yolk was cut by the slight sharpness of the mustard, and the crispy duck skin was unbelievably tasty with the soft slightly sweet waffle. To echo what I said earlier…genius!

All in all I really enjoyed my lunch there…good service, great food well cooked and nicely presented. What more can you ask for?!

For the first time in my life I didn’t get dessert – I know! What’s wrong with me! Next time I will definitely be perusing the wine list and trying out the dessert. I will certainly be going again…

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