October 1, 2012

Essentials : The foodie expert

Essentials : The foodie expert

It’s Curry week, 8-14 October, and chef and food writer Anjali Pathak shares her top five tips for making a great curry.

– Fry your whole spices first, as they need a little more time to release their flavours.

– Ground spices burn easily, so have a little water next to you when cooking in case you need to add a splash.

– Chop as many ingredients as possible before you start cooking – it’s easy to get flustered if they aren’t ready.

– If you have time, always try to marinate your meat for the most tender texture.

– Serve curries with a yogurt side dish, such as raita, to cool down any chilli heat.

For more Indian recipes and curry-making tips, visit anjalipathak.com.

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