September 29, 2012

National Curry Week

National Curry Week

This year National Curry Week starts on 8th October so get your spice box out and invite your friends and family round. Do you even need an excuse to cook Indian food?

Some people will only cook Indian at very special occasions as they aren’t too familiar with the flavours and want to make sure they have plenty of time to get it just right. Well National Curry Week is the perfect reason to get out that apron (you are gonna need it!) and create a delicious Indian menu. And I have loads of recipes here on the site that are great for those mid week meals, or even those dinner party show stoppers! Click here to browse through recipes and don’t forget to cook something tasty for dessert.

Desserts are my favourite part of any meal and so I have added quite a few spice infused dessert recipes for cooks of all skill levels. My favourite at the moment is my Cinnamon Summer Berries with Lemon Cardamom Cream. It looks great and tastes even better! Summer berries are certainly on their way out and autumnal fruits are back in season, so have a play around with figs, blackberries and peaches. You can even roast them slightly with the syrup to soften them down before serving warm with a huge dollop of lemon cardamom cream.

National Curry Week runs from 8th October until the 14th. So plenty of time to test out some of your fave Indian recipes.

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