August 3, 2012

Pro’fusion’ or Con’fused’?

Pro’fusion’ or Con’fused’?

For the last few years everyone has been talking about fusion cooking. The word fusion is pretty confusing and can stir up different meanings to different people.

The definition of fusion cuisine is ‘cuisine that combines elements of various culinary traditions while not fitting specifically into any’; well that’s what the web says. Over the years I have been dubbed as a chef that creates fusion recipes, which I never used to mind, but since travelling the culinary world I have realised that I am not a fusion chef at all. In London alone there are lots of very good places that are doing different combos of fusion. Asia de Cuba is one of the most famous for doing something totally different and their innovative invention of Asian Cuban fusion livens up even the laziest taste buds. A new restaurant to hit the scene is Sushisamba that is Brazilian Peruvian Japanese fusion. Sounds pretty exciting and I have firmly added to my list of places to try…as soon as I can get a reservation!

My style of cooking doesn’t push boundaries like these, and I like to think of myself as a writer who uses spices to bring excitement to dishes. I grew up with all sorts of different cuisines and travelled to exotic locations whilst I was growing up. All these experiences have helped me shape my creative process and I think it is less fusion, just flavourful cooking, borrowing ideas from all over the world helping me create recipes that dance on the palate. I don’t stick to just Indian but my heritage and family love for the cuisine has meant that it is always at the back of my mind when I cook.

All this mixing and matching flavours and ideas can cause some confusion. Your mind is saying one thing (usually after reading what the menu tells you what to look out for) and your palate is saying something totally different. Some love it, and more often than not are fans of Heston as he does this best, and then there are some that hate it. Personally I love it! I like to be entertained when I eat. Mixing flavours makes you realise just how exciting food can be and how much there is still to be explored. So what are you?…Pro’fusion’ or just con’fused’?!

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