June 2, 2012

Jubilee Joy

Jubilee Joy

It’s the Queen’s Jubilee and so a weekend full of celebrations and parties. There are lots of wonderful offers available in supermarkets and local markets are hoping to sell even more produce, so why not try new recipes instead of the old favourites. 

There are loads of great dishes you can cook that are fuss free yet always impress, and if you have some exciting drinks your party will be a winner!

I like to make Pomegranate Bellinis (pomegranate juice, a few seeds topped with prosecco) when I have guests coming over. It tastes great and always looks impressive. Sometimes I mix it up and add a few frozen berries instead. They are always plentiful during the summer months so I buy a whole bunch and pop them in freezer bags.

Try some Chorizo & Chickpea Fritters, Sweet Potato Wedges and Sticky Chilli Chicken with chicken wings for some great finger food. Throw some BBQ Lamb on the grill and have a dip like a Radish & Mint Raita for some something extra for everyone to dunk their tasty treats into.

I like to finish with something relatively simple for me to make. Sticky Sweet Ginger Cake is perfect as I can bake it a few days before and it will taste even better the longer you leave it. Warmed through just before serving with a nice dollop of creme fraiche makes it the ultimate cake for when you are entertaining.

Have a great long weekend!


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