June 29, 2012

Fish Diaries

Fish Diaries

So I’ve decided that for the month of July I am going to try and be a pescatarian. For meat eating food lovers like me you must be thinking ‘Are you mad?!!’

And I agree, there seems to be a little madness in this crazy choice but it got me thinking. There are so many great seafood options for us here in the UK that why do I always want to choose meat off a menu. When I cook for one I often have a veggie meal, and that’s only because it’s easier. I have vegetables in my fridge and my well stocked pantry is filled with stuff so I can quickly put something together that will taste delicious. If I have people coming over then I automatically think of recipes to make that include meat, mostly lamb as I love it so much. Why don’t seafood recipes spring to mind? And so I have decided to train my mind to start thinking of seafood more.

The great thing about shopping for seafood is that you can buy as much or as little as you need and so you don’t need to be eating it for days after (unless you have leftovers!). The fishmonger is more than happy to prepare it for you so all you need to do when you get it home is cook it.

Now I know being a pescatarian is not going to be easy, as I hate restricting myself when it comes to my diet, but nevertheless I want to experiment whether I can be happy cutting out an entire food group. So this is my challenge for the next month. I use the word ‘challenge’ loosely as it’s more of an experiment. And it is a shared experiment as I need to test my recipes out on someone, so thank you to my partner for giving me the idea!

First up (and yes I know it isn’t quite July but what’s a few days here and there) – Roast Sardines for Supper. If you haven’t tried sardines then this is a great recipe to test them out. Super easy as you don’t really need to do anything apart from mix a few ingredients and spices together to rub on them, and then pop them in the oven and they’ll be ready within 10 mins!

So wish me luck….my fish diary has begun…

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