May 30, 2012

Cook Vegetarian – Curry For Change

Cook Vegetarian – Curry For Change

Anjali Pathak is a British cook and a member of the Pathak family who create curry sauces and condiments. She studied at Leiths School of Food and Wine and is now the ambassador for Patak’s Foods (the family dropped the ‘h’ when they launched their range of sauces in the 1950s).

Anjali is currently working with Find Your Feet, an organisation that aims to raise awareness and vital funds to help families around the world build a future free from hunger. Join them throughout June by hosting your own money-raising curry night and visit to order your event pack which includes everything from free spices to invitations.

Here is one of Anjali’s favourite recipes for a meat free feast – Channa Masala.

To read the article on the web have a look at the Cook Vegetarian website.

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