May 25, 2012

BBQ Time

BBQ Time

It’s that time of year when BBQ’s hit the shop and are always sold out by the time you get there! Why does that always happen? You have deliberated over whether to have a BBQ and if you do then who should you have round and what should you cook if they say yes! And then when you go to buy your ingredients you hope that there are still some good ones left.

And then there is always the worry that the weather may change, so it is always sensible to have a few dishes that can be cooked indoors just in case. If I ever have a BBQ I love to invite as many people as possible, probably because I know that means I can cook more dishes and have more choice of what foods I like to eat. The bigger the group, the better the party!

I always make sure I have a few salads, nothing fancy, mixed leaves tossed in simple dressings. Occasionally I add a few roasted veggies in there for a bit of colour and extra flavour. I also like to have some coleslaw style yoghurty dips for on the side too.

Now the ‘extras’ have been taken care of, it’s time to get my rubs and marinades ready. I usually divide it up amongst what meat, seafood or veg i’m cooking. I will have a rub for one of them, made up using some spices, a little salt and herbs. And I like to make a marinade by mixing spices and herbs with some garlic and extra goodies like honey and brown sugar. Now I have these sorted I simply need to rub them on and grill. Throw in a few potatoes and greens somewhere on the menu and I have myself the perfect BBQ.

One of my favourite recipes is my Sticky Chilli Chicken. Trust me when I say that this tastes delicious. You can rub it on any meat, seafood or veg and you will not be disappointed. Or if you don’t like sweet marinades then you have to try my BBQ Lamb. Super tasty, and super simple. And any leftover stuff gets filled in a wrap the next day. Who am I kidding?! There’s never any left over!

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