April 29, 2012

Ever wondered how to sprout lentils?

Ever wondered how to sprout lentils?

Have you ever tried to sprout your own lentils? The other day I was thinking about salads and how to add more flavour to them and I remembered how I used to have mung beans when I lived at home with my parents. They were often boiled raw to make the most delicious dhal (lentil soup), but sometimes we would have them sprouted and mixed with a few simple ingredients for a side salad. So I thought I would have a go and see how they turn out.

You do need a few days so I suggest starting them 3 days before you think you want them, but you can make more than what you need as they will keep for at least a week. If you plan to use them for longer remember they will keep sprouting (that’s where beansprouts are from), and keep them in the fridge. Give them a good sniff if using them after a week to check they are ok.

Firstly wash them in several changes of water. When the water runs clear leave them soaking in plenty of cold water and leave them for around 12 hours, maybe do it overnight.

After the 12 hours are up, drain off the water and rinse them again. Pop them in a colander and place them over a large bowl. Cover with a dark coloured tea towel and leave them in a warm, dark part of the kitchen where they won’t be disturbed. Leave them for another 12 hours.

Rinse them again without moving them. I find the best way is to fill the bowl with water and then carefully pop the colander in there. Lift out of the water, empty and leave over the bowl, covered again for another 12 hours.

Ok so keep doing this until they have sprouted as much as you want. After they begin to sprout you can start to move them around as the bottom ones will have sprouted more than the top ones.

You can keep them in the fridge and use them in all sorts of wonderful ways. I have written a fantastic Sprouted Bean Salad with Roasted Cumin Dressing which is full of great ingredients and has all the nutritious qualities you hope a salad has. Full of fibre, protein and vitamins. Tastes great and is helping you inside too. So test this out let me know what you think. Mung beans are rather amazing.

Steve| April 30, 2012 at 11:43 am

I’ve always wanted to try this myself and think that doing it yourself would be better than store bought. I’m certainly going to sprout my own now, you make it sound so simple. Thank you!

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