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Is beer the new wine?

Last week I went to an interesting evening pairing beer with curry. At first I was skeptical, thinking that the combo of beer with curry was so old fashioned, and that wine and curry was the new thing. And even … Continue reading

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Perfect Pitta Pocket

A very good friend of mine from Canada sent me this recipe over the weekend. It’s simple to make and you can use leftovers which is always a bonus. John, this is dedicated to you and the lovely Canadian Greek … Continue reading

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I should be grateful if you would let me know from where I can purchase a ‘spice box’ as shown on your website.

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Absolutely loving this website. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes. Bought my husband a slow cooker for Christmas. Do curries cook well in slow cookers? Keep up the good work. When can we see your culinary skills on … Continue reading

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I LOVE your website. Really cool and contemporary recipes that can be used daily! Gurpareet xox

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My first business trip of the new year and Brussels was the destination. I have been really lucky and travelled to many places in the world, but Belgium was always on my list of places to visit. So when i … Continue reading

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My first blog for my new website

Pretty exciting stuff! I love to share my passion for food with anyone willing to listen, and so I decided to add a blog section so I can note down all the things I want to say. There is usually … Continue reading

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Coriander seed

This is one of my favourites and one of the most versatile spices in my spice box. I use it whole, ground, and I love to use the fresh leaf to add extra flavour. It is used in all regions … Continue reading

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Cumin Seed

Has an earthy flavour and tastes amazing when used whole, ground or toasted. I love to use this alongside coriander to start the base of my masalas. I like to call this my first layer of flavour.

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Fresh Chillies

Small, long, thin, chunky, red, green – all chillies have a fantastic flavour but they can be very fiery so you have to be careful when preparing them and using them in dishes. As a general rule, the smaller they … Continue reading

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